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Old/Faded Rugs #2 - 1/72 Scale

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    • Printed on the highest quality paper tested and selected specifically for scale model rugs.
    • 10 high resolution, colorful but faded rugs showing the ravages of use and time.
    • Rugs range in width from approx 1 1/4" to 5/8" (3.4 to 1.5 cm)
    • Sourced from photos of actual old rugs.


    • Quickly and easily add visual interest and focal points to any diorama or vignette.
    • Instantly fills out and completes any scale model room.
    • Can be weathered with chalk, colored pencils, ink, or paint.
    • Can be cut, torn, shredded and even burned to simulate further age or damage.
    • With so many rugs provided, one sheet can be used for many different projects.

    Tags:  Rug, Carpet, Carpets

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