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American Personal Papers/Possessions - Vietnam War - 1/35 Scale (2 Sheets)

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  • Printed on high quality papers tested and selected specifically for scale model photos and papers.
  • 23 Military Payment Certificates (5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, 50 cent & 1 dollar denominations, front and back).
  • 7 personal photos.
  • 4 letters and 7 envelopes (front and back).
  • 3 comic book covers.
  • 2 novels (covers and interior pages).
  • 1 tourist map of Saigon.
  • 29 nude cards (front and back).
  • 8 Ace of Spades cards (front and back).
  • 1 dartboard and 1 chess/checkers board.
  • 1 Alfred E. Newman for President poster.
  • 3 "This Vacation Visit Beautiful Vietnam" posters.
  • 4 "Short timers" calendars.
  • Comes on 2 sheets of different paper types to best suit the subject.
  • Sourced from photos of the actual items.


  • Quickly and easily add color, visual interest and focal points to any diorama or vignette.
  • These items will raise the level of realism for any project and instantly personalize scale model soldiers.
  • Can be weathered with chalk, colored pencils, ink, or paint.
  • Can be cut, torn, shredded and even burned to simulate age or damage.
  • With so many items provided, one sheet can be used for many different projects.

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